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BREAKING: Donald Trump Wins the Electoral College
by Causes
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  • Bruce

    Wow...a totally Democrat group of commentators. I don't want to be snarky and mean but this is the worst election season in my life. I voted Trump and I'm happy with my vote because I like the platform. I think Obama was over the top and didn't leave our country strong. I'm ok with folks who disagree because I have some Democrat friends and I believe everyone has the right to believe as they wish. In all honesty, I can't understand why anyone would cast their vote for a known crook. That in my opinion is what she lost. Personally, I don't like the style of Trump. I see the flaws and I understand why folks would not want him as president but the meanness and the dirty tricks from the Democrats leaves me shaking my head and wondering what has happened to our country. The meanness wasn't one sided. The Trump side had their wrongs as well. However, according to WikiLeaks the Dems hired thugs to beat up Trump supporters. They hired thugs to riot and beat up innocent folks after the election. I saw reports of voter fraud in 5 ormore states. I saw a Hillary give her speech conceding the election. Then grasp at every last straw and stir up even more anger trying to deprive Trump of his rightful victory. Don't you Democrats see the difference? When did Republicans ever riot when they lost an election. Sure we opposed Obama. He didn't serve America as he should in our opinion. But did we hire thugs? Did we hound the electors to vote against their responsibility to obey the people of their states? Did we threaten electors with bodily harm and put pressure on them by hiring Hollywood "stars" to persuade them to vote illegally (in some states)? No. We wouldn't DREAM of it. Donald Trump isn't the end of the world for America and neither was Obama. We have checks and balances in this country to keep them in line IF the people would become brave enough to use them. IF Donald Trump steps out of line and breaks the law, I will be first in line to impeach him. Until then, let's be mature and carry on. Aye?

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