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The Battle for The Net: Big Sites Go Slow to Protest Trump Net Neutrality Changes
by Causes
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  • Jason

    Net Neutrality is not negotiable. It’s essential to everything we need in our society and democracy — from educational and economic opportunities to political organizing and even dissent. Millions of people fought for over a decade to secure lasting Net Neutrality protections. Chairman Pai (a former Verizon attorney, and supporter of larger ISPs), I feel, does not have the best interests of the American people in mind. The ability to throttle internet connections and create different access speeds to information (likely based upon price-points) will not be a friend to small businesses or cultivate free access to information. If Republicans truly want to cultivate job growth and maintain access to the press and conservative social/political foundations, this is NOT the way. Your constituents will not accept anything less than a fundamental objection to this policy to alter internet access regulations. We urge you to reject any attacks on real Net Neutrality and forever support a free and open internet that cultivates economic growth - not supports a select few.


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