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The Battle for The Net: Big Sites Go Slow to Protest Trump Net Neutrality Changes
by Causes
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  • Elizabeth

    Protect net neutrality! The direction our country has been going for a while, but especially since Trump took office, is shameful and disgusting. Corporations and people wealthy enough to donate millions to politicians get favorable treatment over citizens. This greed infects more and more aspects of our lives. Healthcare is being attacked, EPA regulations are being rolled back at the expense of our health and well being. This issue of net neutrality is being exploited and jeopardizing our access to information. Information shouldn't be made into a commodity. This country is shameful. I spend more and more time every day fantasizing about how my life could be so much better if I had been born in Canada or France or if I could afford to move. I feel so disgusted to be American. Please protect net neutrality. Stop selling out to corporations and screwing citizens over. Protect us and work on our behalf! Please!

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