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Republican Infighting and Cruz Proposal Dominate New AHCA Discussions
by Causes
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  • Mark

    JOHN, JEFF, and TRENT - best practices should guide efforts to repair the ACA and eventually move to a universal coverage program, similar to other OECD countries. You and your assigned staff person should read the Commonwealth Fund publication, "The U.S. Health System in Perspective: A Comparison of Twelve Industrialized Nations". This analysis concentrates on 2010 OECD health data for 12 developed nations. In summary, Americans spend 2.5X the OECD median per capita, have fewer hospital beds and physicians, use more prescription drugs, pay higher prices for discrete healthcare services, have a lower percentage of the population covered, and have significantly poorer outcomes in most every area evaluated. Couple this with the real nightmare that high medical bills are the top reason for personal bankruptcies and this situation is totally outrageous! Honestly, this situation is so awful by every measure that one wonders how it is possible to envision a healthcare plan that is worse - and both the House and the Senate have done just that with proposed legislation! JOHN and JEFF - vote against the Senate healthcare legislation. Fix the ACA for now, and work to develop a universal coverage healthcare plan that isn't a tax cut program in disguise but truly is the best healthcare program in the developed world. Serve your constituents! YOU CAN DO THIS!


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