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States Say 'No!' to Turning Over Voter Data
by Causes
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  • Jason

    The recent request for state voter data (specifically: voting history, party affiliation, and partial social security number) on the part of the Trump administration can only seemingly have a nefarious purpose. During this investigation, what relevance would be had by acquiring "party affiliation" other than attempts at voter suppression or data mining for future campaign purposes? Sincerely. Personally, as a criminal fraud investigator, I am appalled at the notion of Kris Kobach leading this effort. His previous assertions of voter fraud in Kansas were generally unfounded and (at least in one case) border on malicious prosecution. The mass voter fraud being asserted by the Trump administration (3-5 million illegals casting a ballot) is baseless and statistically impossible. I, for one, am proud that the Kentucky Secretary of State (Grimes) refused to provide the White House with our states voter data. This is a gross overreach of political authority, that would make me question any politician that asked for it - Republican or Democrat!

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