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EPA Chief’s Record-Setting Regulatory Rollback
by Causes
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  • Turner

    What Pruitt is actively trying to do could take us back four decades. Environmental issues are a federal concern because water sources, air, forests, and pollution are not bound by state lines. Every state can be affected by the industrial activities of another state due to the nature of pollution, fracking, and deforestation. Effectively leaving environmental regulation to the states is short-sighted and only benefits the oil/coal/fracking industries who continue to rake in absurd amounts of profits. What the EPA has accomplished over the past 47 years has transformed the country and prevented persistent environmental concerns like flammable rivers (Ohio) and large amounts of smog (New York, LA, Pittsburgh, etc.) from becoming the norm. Yes, there were too many regulations and some could have been combined. I am in favor of that. However, I believe that the most important ones that remained should have been strengthened, not further stripped. When you also take into consideration the amount of staffers who have been let go, the conclusion is evident: Scott Pruitt and this administration value payouts and wealthy benefactors over environmental integrity, all under the guise of states' rights. Please do not allow this administration to continue to gut one of the country's most effective agencies. If listening to your constituents is not enough, consider that green energy companies will be the benefactors in the near future. Green energy is cleaner, more efficient, more productive, and ultimately more profitable after the initial opportunity costs are taken into account. Staying loyal to the oil and coal industry will only be beneficial until public backlash reaches a peak. Don't be on the wrong side of history. Pressure this administration to stop gutting the EPA and reimplement the most effective regulations that have evidently improved our country.

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