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Trump Announces Changes to Cuba Policy
by Causes
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  • John

    74% of American citizens polled believe that we should continue to develop further relations with Cuba. Why now, after international re-engagement with Cuba has taken place in healthy and deliberate ways, would the current leader of the United States try to shut down all progress to this point? There is more to this than wanting to roll back Obama's policies. There is an article in today's Washington Post outlining how major US hotel chains are in the process of acquiring rights to build hotels in Cuba. This story points out that Trump is purposely trying to block competitors from getting first chance to build hotels in Cuba while he is in a position as President which makes it difficult for him to build hotels in a foreign country. So, this may not be about stopping Americans from visiting Cuba or about human rights in Cuba. Like everything in Trump land it is about his own bottom line and making money for himself. Please speak up on behalf of reason, logic, good sense, good business and humanity's progress.


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