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Lawmakers Unified on Shooting, Divided on Gun Policy
by Causes
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  • Reneda

    I think it's absurd that so much is being made of this! What about the shooting today in San Francisco @ UPS? Barely a second place mention and four people DIED there today!! It's not all about you people! It sickens me that the media acts like you all are more important than the next guy. Ask Mike Lefiti's family if you're all that. I'm betting that'll be big NO! Because he won't ever be coming home again. All the whiny politicians will. They should be grateful. And the Democrats all sucking up to them! Omg. It's like.... You know, every family has that aunt, Aunt Martha who is just the bitch from hell. Everyone hates her, talks about her, wants nothing to do with her. Then she dies. Suddenly, it's all...poor Aunt Martha, we sure miss Martha, etc. Saint Martha. No, people. Being dead ( or enduring a frightening, horrific event) does NOT make you a saint! It just makes you dead (or in this case, extremely fortunate!) Maybe instead of carrying on like you all were delivered from the bowels of hell, you might express condolences to those less fortunate than yourselves today. But, then, to hear you all tell it, you're always the victim so you probably didn't even notice that others DIED or lost precious family members just trying to earn a living today!!


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