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Should the U.S. Place Additional Sanctions on Russia?
by Causes
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  • David

    We all should be alarmed to the fact that a foreign power (Russia) "interfered" in our elections. Just that, it is immaterial at this point but will be revealed later to what end, it is fact that the Russians are in our business. The Fox (Russia) is in the henhouse. Instead of wondering how he got in, which chicken he is going or about to eat, we must first focus on getting said Fox (Russia) out of the henhouse BEFORE he eats all the chickens!! Then, once he has been removed, and only then, we must strengthen our barnyard (our Country) so the damn Fox never gets back in! We must keep that a priority! During the steps taken to eradicate the intruder (the Fox/Russians), we will learn who let the Fox in, who left the gate unlocked and who is a "fox" dressed up as a chicken. America has been and is continuously under attack! Time is against us! We must act now!


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