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June 2: Paris Agreement Blowback and More Legislation Coming
by Causes
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  • Russell

    PARIS ACCORD IS BAD FOR AMERICA China says the United States must stay in the Paris climate accord. The pope says the United States must stay in the Paris climate accord. Elon Musk says the United States must stay in the Paris climate accord. Hillary Clinton says we must stay in, as does Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and every schmuck on the evening news. The strident progressives who have destroyed American higher education insist that we stay in, as do the various globalists and citizens of the world. From every corner of the planet, where they sit and plot the decay of the United States, they cry that we must stay in. Those who prostitute a politically correct science declare that the sky will fall if we pull out. Those who insist that your doubts and questions are a consequence of your ignorance and stupidity say we must stay in. Which leads me to this: If the people who are always wrong are for it, shouldn't you be against it? If the people and philosophies that seek to destroy and weaken America are pulling the rope one way, shouldn't you pull it the other? And if a president was elected on a platform of withdrawing from the Paris climate accord, shouldn't that accord be withdrawn from? Shouldn't this globalist effort to break America's economic independence be resisted? Shouldn't massive new financial burdens for America's families and industries by kicked to the curb? Is there honestly a working family in America that thinks it's wise for its energy use to be restricted and its energy expenses to be increased? When energy consumption is rationed, will you give up refrigeration or transportation? When the globalists call for the elimination of air conditioning -- ask the pope about that -- and the limiting of family size, to say nothing of the dramatic reduction in personally owned vehicles, is that going to be ok with you? When new taxes are levied on your electricity, natural gas and gasoline -- to be sent overseas to remediate "global economic injustice" -- will you be happy? Have you read enough to know that the root issue of global warming -- according to progressives -- is economic disparity between the United States and the developing world? You should check out the encyclical the pope gave the president at their recent meeting. It declares that climate injustice can only be addressed when lifestyle and income disparities between the west -- that's you -- and the impoverished world -- that's everybody else -- are eliminated. It's not just about your exhaust, it's about your money. The Paris climate accord will get rid of both. As well as your freedom and your nation's independence. The United States is essentially energy independent. We have natural gas, oil, coal and uranium Energy is prosperity. The global progressives want to destroy our prosperity, and they hope to do that by getting us to abandon our energy. They hope to con us into acting completely contrary to our self-interest. They hope to use deception and the Marxist dream of an enraged proletariat to do it. They hope to use global peer pressure to do it. They want to talk a lion into its cage. I think we should refuse. I think we should put America first. I think we should reject any agreement that strips America of its prosperity, liberty or independence. And we should be smarter than to be hectored into the global warming con. Free people can think for themselves, and reject the premise of their oppression. And the Paris climate accord is oppression. The United States does more to protect the environment than any other nation on earth. The United States spends more to protect the environment than all other nations on earth combined. We are not the problem, and we should not be sheep.

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