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Survey: Revoke Jared Kushner's Security Clearance?
by Causes
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  • Cathy

    Jared Kushner's clearance should be immediately revoked. He, along with other key members of the White House, demonstrate absolutely zero understanding of security protocols established for all government employees. I clearly remember the instructions given to me when I was indoctrinated into handling classified material and interacting with foreign nationals and the key words I was told were "ignorance is no excuse". Even though this incident of meeting with the Russian Ambassador to set up back channel communications, effectively bypassing all existing State Department and Intelligence Agencies, occurred prior to Trump taking office, Kushner had ample opportunity to find out the proper procedures and protocols for any such activity. Also, when you take into account what possible motivation existed with Kushner for this type of interaction, it doesn't take much imagination to realize that it's all about the money because that's all they (current family involvements) seem to care about. I am totally in support of an investigation into the financial links between the Trump administration/transition team and the Russians because the money angles seems to be all this family is interested in. If Kushner thinks he can rewrite the rules as he sees fit is not only is a direct violation of written protocol, it is a violation of US Code and should be punishable under the law. This business of the President ignoring Kushner's behavior is another good reason for not allowing nepotism to exist at the highest level of government. Cover ups are never a good precedent to set. How will you hold future Presidents and their administrations accountable if you don't start now.

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