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President to Decide on Climate Accord
by Causes
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  • Emily

    Even oil industry reps are contacting the president to say that he should stay in- If he pulls out- it's because he's listening to the wrong people and not the People of the United States of America. Ignoring the clear threat of global warming and the dire need to stand together and take the initiative to reduce carbon emissions for the benefit of us all: Pulling out has no clear benefit to the US and will only stand to damage not only America's reputation at home but continue to further damage it abroad AND pulling out will leave the USA without any say at the bargaining table going forward. My USA is a nation of forward thinking individuals who lead the way when it comes to change- not a nation of millionaire man-babies who's world vision is to drag us back to the middle of the 20th century (in a multitude of ways). It's time to lead again and at this point in time- it's time for our House and Senate to lead the way, because clearly Trump is not capable of it.


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