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Revamped GOP Healthcare Bill Gets Analyzed by Budget Office
by Causes
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  • Pamela

    With respect to the health care bill, I've resigned myself to knowing that the republican bill will not be as good as Obamacare, and that reengineering the current system won't happen. I know it's politics and not people driving this. I ask only two things. Put a bandage on Obamacare for short term until a replacement has been agreed. Secondly, please remember that tax credits won't help people living hand to mouth. People don't have the money to pay now and get reimbursed later. Please understand. I've lived that way before, and I know better. I think you do, too, but I don't hear anyone talking about it. Is that your secret way to keep people from getting money from the government? If they can't afford to pay ahead of time, they won't be getting the tax credit.


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