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Trump’s Budget Boosts Defense and Infrastructure, Cuts Trillions in Spending
by Causes
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  • Alan

    President Trump has a tell. Whenever he presents with the shit eating grin as in the picture accompanying this commentary you know he has done, is doing or will do something terribly disgraceful in this case punishing the weak and vulnerable. Truthfully he wears that tell like a badge of courage and demands respect for his roll as President, shamefully he wears that tell much to often. He is a disgrace and a fraud. He is dangerous and has come to power in our nation in a time of great divide, confusion and general weakness. He tramples on our Democracy and acts like the brutal and selfish dictators from around the globe. His policies are grotesquely thoughtless and dangerous to society and our planet. The GOP blindly follows this ass and only cares to advance a selfish bigoted right wing Christian agenda. Shame on the fat cats of the Congressional swamp!!!


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