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More Electors Having Second Thoughts About Supporting Trump
by Causes
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  • Scott

    The Founding Fathers and The Constitution Do Not Allow Us To Vote for Donald Trump. Alexander Hamilton and the rest of our Founding Fathers specifically chose for The Electoral College to meet, and vote, some period of time AFTER the citizens of America voted for the Electors, in order for us to have additional time to evaluate the Constitutional fitness of the man chosen for President of The United States. In other words, they anticipated this exact moment in American History. Events occurring after November 8 have shown us that The Electoral College, Constitutionally, can not vote for Donald J. Trump and must, in accordance with their duties, find another who is qualified to take the Oath of Office on January 20. Here is why: 1. By cancelling the promised press conference to provide us with evidence of how he will disentangle himself from his 111 international business interests, Mr. Trump will likely be in blatant violation of The Emoluments Clause of The Constitution on the date Electors vote, December 19, with no assurances that these violations will be corrected by the time he would be inaugurated on January 20, 2017. 2. Mr. Trump's chief responsibility as President of The United States will be to protect the country from "all enemies foreign and domestic". Mr. Trump's refusal to cooperate with the precise Federal agency designed to keep America safe from foreign threat, The CIA and the other agencies providing critical intelligence, constitutes a threat to The United States. 3. Mr. Trump's almost exclusive reliance on The Vice President and, specifically, fired General Michael Flynn, whose understanding of current events includes numerous completely unsubstantiated and highly discredited conspiracy theories and "fake news" for international intelligence puts our nation at risk. 4. Mr. Trump appears to not understand and not wish to comply with our nation and Constitution's most important component of our sacred "Bill of Rights", "The 1st Amendment", guaranteeing free speech and unfettered freedom of press. His threats, veiled and unveiled, against the press are consistent with authoritarian dictatorships not The United States. 5. Reminding us of the days of Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s, Mr. Trump's demand for a list of people involved with climate change research at The Environmental Protection Agency violates the 1st Amendment's freedom of speech and assembly and is the beginnings of what historically can be called an Unconstitutional "Enemies List". 6. It has been reported, since the November 8 Election, with "high confidence", that a foreign country, Russia, hacked into America's election with the specific intent to influence this election and our Democracy. It is also reported that the purpose of this influence was, specifically, to benefit one candidate, Mr. Trump, over the other candidate. It is unclear at this point whether Mr. Trump or any members of his campaign team, or any individuals operating for Mr. Trump outside of The United States, aided and assisted Russia or anyone else with this foreign espionage. For this reason a number of Electors have demanded to be briefed on the best available intelligence available prior to the vote of The Electoral College. If there is significant evidence that Mr. Trump did, directly or indirectly know about and/or aid or assist in this foreign espionage, the appropriate action would be to commence criminal proceedings not to commence an inauguration as President of The Untied States. 7. Mr. Trump's nomination of Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin's "Friend" as Secretary of State and our #1 Diplomat representing The United States to and around the world brings up many Constitutional questions and many conflict of interest and loyalty questions that affect the safety and interests of The United States that will not be understood or resolved before December 19. 8. Mr. Trump's appointment, beyond the advise and consent confirmation powers of The United States Senate, of someone who regularly and publically professes Fascist, anti-Semitic and White Supremacist racist views are inconsistent with The United States Constitution and threaten domestic tranquility. 9. Mental health professionals are not allowed to publically "diagnose" someone they have not personally examined and, as such, very little information about the mental health of Mr. Trump had surfaced prior to the November 8 election. It has come to the attention of some Electors that there is serious concern within the mental health profession about Mr. Trump's mental fitness to be President and, especially, Commander in Chief with sole and exclusive and immediate access to 7,000 nuclear warheads and the entirety of the fighting force of The United States Military. Unless and until these concerns are adequately ruled out we can not risk putting a man without the requisite impulse control in The Oval Office. 10. Mr. Trump's actions AFTER the November 8 election indicate a reckless and dangerous pattern of Executive action. In these few weeks Mr. Trump has triggered a diplomatic crisis, with military and nuclear consequences, with a massive nuclear power and the holder of a massive amount of American debt, has used his position to intimidate a Union leader who chose to speak out against him, has triggered the loss of a Billion dollars of market value for a major American manufacturer and military contractor challenging the profit margin of Presidential airplanes of which he knew no specific details, has triggered the loss of market value and the reputation of another major American manufacturer and military contractor over military contracts, has used his position to try to intimidate the press, has shown an obsession with personal criticism coming from a network television comedy show, has continued to refuse to display any transparency with respect to his taxes and potential business conflicts and has indicated that he and his wife will not follow cherished tradition and, instead, will have two official residences costing local, state and federal taxpayers in excess of $300 Million per year in additional security expenses. And, there are still over 5 weeks before Mr. Trump's Inauguration. 11. Mr. Trump won more than 270 pledged Electors, we believe, in large part because of specific and consistently and highly publicized '100%", "I guarantee it" promises to The American People, including the building of a security wall on our Southern Border, the immediate dismantling of "Obamacare", the prosecution of Secretary Clinton, "draining the swamp" and other things that he has specifically or impliedly disregarded in the days following the November 8 election. This "contract" between Mr. Trump and those who voted for him has thus been broken and the obligation of those who are pledged to him has thus been reduced or completely eliminated. The Founding Fathers were clear that The Electoral College was a "Fail Safe" built into The United States Constitution for this country to have additional time to evaluate the fitness of the person chosen by the people for the highest office in the land. The Founding Fathers would be very concerned about any of the above. Taken together these items compel Electors to choose an other, qualified individual to be President of The United States when the country officially votes on December 19." Please SHARE and march in your state capital this Sat December 17th !!!!!

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