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Should Republicans Keep Trying to "Repeal & Replace" Obamacare?
by Causes
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  • Jamie

    I am an active voter, public school teacher, widowed, single mom from a rural Republican county in western CO working incredibly hard to build a good and beautiful life for my sons, and I am begging you; please stop trying to repeal and replace the ACA. I need it. My friends and family need it. You would be financially, and in some cases, literally, crippling us. And honestly, it's appalling that you would force on us a system of healthcare that you have never and would never subject yourselves to. I am beyond over the posturing between parties of who gets to "win" here, when the people who elected you struggle in areas your collective power could help and/or live in abject fear of you taking away the measure of help you only recently offered in the ACA. Drop this. Please.


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