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What's Congress Voting On? Week of May 1, 2017
by Causes
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  • Suzanne

    It is now clear that Trump, Pence, and Sessions all lied about their knowledge of Flynn. The whole lot of them are criminals and a whole lot of us are thinking impeachment is more than a happy fantasy. I suggest you all hold onto your socks as the anger and horror that we the people are witnessing will be a whiplash in 2018 and take down the fascist GOP. It is clear that Trump does not care about anything but slamming Obama. He is a liar and you all are riding on his lies. You will pay a price for that I promise, Jason C comes to mind. Obamacare has helped many and if you keep messing with it you are courting revolution. The only acceptable change would be giving Medicare to all. We the people cannot take much more of the horror show by FF Von Clown and his band of crooks. NO To Trumpcare!

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