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Trump Moves to Expand Drilling in Arctic, Atlantic Oceans
by Causes
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  • Matthew

    Instead of a cost analysis in the preserved ecosystems. How about we do an environmental impact study on the effects of drilling. Please remember what happened with the Valdez and the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The opportunity cost needs to include the opportunity of not having the resources for later. Please go to Alaska and see the long term impact that the Exxon spill had and this was a tanker not actually drilling in the ocean. Look at the Gulf and the gulf states and see what happened to tourism for these states. Look at the amended documents that are coming out of this administration and ask "Do I really want to have to worry about a mistake in the environment. There isn't a way to amend a mistake in nature except time. I strongly believe in capitalism, and even Adam Smith "Wealth if Nations" said we have to look at the long term effects as responsible capitalists in the invisible hand viewpoint, which every small government Ideal holding citizen subscribes. The acute lack of macroeconomic understanding and externalities is troubling at best.

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