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Taxpayers pay his salary? "Bullcrap" says Congressman
by Causes
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  • Alexander

    This gentleman should be censured for these repeated comments. These comments demonstrate a complete disregard for his position as a servant of the people to represent their interests. It is also a complete fallacy as his argument is that he's paid enough taxes himself to pay his own salary. What he is failing to recognize is that when he paid his taxes previously he was paying for his protection by police, the military, and intelligence services. His prior taxes also paid for street lights, infrastructure, health care, and his PRIOR representatives. It is our civic duty to pay our taxes so that collective services such as those listed above, can be paid for. Therefore none of his previous paid taxes are paying his current wages and he has an obligation to his constituents and to taxpayers in general as a part of that social contract. A refusal to acknowledge otherwise is hubris and casts a disparaging light on all representatives. Failure of this gentleman's colleagues and party members to censure him for these statements can only be construed as silent agreement with the views he espouses.


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