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Electoral College Voters Join Growing Calls for Investigation of Russian Election Hacking
by Causes
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  • Bruce

    Look folks, the electors are in place to vote AS THEIR STATE voted. These people do NOT need any further information as they are NOT voting for whom THEY want. Each state has already voted for one candidate and that is who each elector in their state is REQUIRED to cast their vote. This is something these electors know before they even began this process. In some states it is illegal for the electors to vote in a way different from what they are required. If these people do not do their duty, then it makes a mockery of our election. Furthermore, the FBI has publicly stated that these hacks were not even hacks..they were leaks from the DNC and others. Oh...and one more thing...didn't the Wash. Post declare that the story was not true? What's all the fuss?


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