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Historic Debate Begins on Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee
by Causes
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  • Suzanne

    Thank you to the democrats who are blocking this man from appt. Protest loud and clear must be heard. The people who are in power and that Trump gravitates to are questionable on way too many levels and Sessions and Banyon, Perry, are turning this country into corrupt police state and it is the white elite who benefit. Note to all you GOP who have supported this corrupt man, there is going to be a whiplash that will send all of you back home. The anger over cutting medical care and then lying about it, trying to pretend any of you give a damn is brewing anger like I have never seen. Well deserved though! As to this man for the Supreme Court, his narrow little world view is not what this country wants or more importantly needs. A corrupt business man who is running this country is leaving his stink on you all.

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