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Senate Votes on Abortion, Contraception
by Causes
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  • Eileen

    We CAN NOT go back to the days when there was no prenatal care, no mammograms, no birth control, no VD screenings, no women's preventive health care just because conservatives are afraid some women may want an abortion. If there's no access, women won't even KNOW they're pregnant and won't be able to get he necessary testing and prenatal care that's SO important for a growing baby (fetus, if u like) If they don't like it, THEY don't have to go or to have one. However, for the rest of us- we'd rather there be ALL of those services were STILL AVAILABLE TO ALL, no matter their income level. As a matter of fact, it's those who CAN'T afford it who need it MOST. So, leave it alone! Abortion is a VERY difficult choice. As a very young girl if 18, I had that choice to make and it breaks my heart every day, but had I not had that done, I wouldn't be here, neither would my very intelligent 4 living children. I remember how happy I'd been when we found out we were going to have a baby, but the condition I suffered from would only get worse in the following weeks, so I did what I had to do, and, like I said, I'm still here, as a direct result, as well as the 4 beautiful children I had afterwards. Stop trying to punish ppl for things and take care of the budget!

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