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Talk to Trump: Healthcare
by Causes
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  • Eileen

    You lost! You are not a master negotiator; you're a master bull sh***er. You cannot pass major legislation because it is all about you and your brand and/or your opinions. You are not a servant of the people; you are a power hungry freak with lil tiny hands. You're in debt up to your eyeballs, and you're in bed with Russia, so here's a novel idea. Why don't you figure 'the art of this deal' out and resign before you are impeached. Resign before you screw up so much that it takes decades to fix and replace your mess. Take bannon and the rest of your freak show cabinet appointments and hang out in marlago with your mobster and Russian friends. You are a disgrace who lost the popular vote and who also had almost as small of an inaugural crowd as that of your lil tiny hands. Yet, you boast that it was huge and you believe that if you can say things enough times, somehow they will become true. You are a loser, a one time wonder who is way in over your head. Do yourself, your family, and our country a huge favor and just step down. However, if you do not that is ok because Father Time and the justice system will eventually catch up to you and all of your crooked corrupt ways. You are the worst president that has ever been elected and you will be able to take THAT trophy home with you at the close of your presidency. What a loser! What a waste of good quality air. Do what's right and resign! FOR the PEOPLE!

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