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FCC Rules: Privacy Problem or Regulatory Ruse?
by Causes
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  • Jonah

    To my state reps. Our nation has made tremendous progress when it comes to net neutrality. This bill is a giant step back and puts so many people's personal data in jeopardy. I'm for businesses thriving, however there are better ways than a total invasion of privacy. While intelligence agencies could also be spying on many people, it's not acceptable. However that's in relation to their job and they aren't trying to market to you. Corporations are not entitled to invade privacy of our citizens. Our information should be public only if the individual allows it. It should never be published without the individuals permission. The World Wide Web does not have any rule that says your privacy is going to be invaded by default. While the content of individual websites may wrongfully look into information of the individual, that's limited to the website and not the web. Plus a majority of professional websites that may seek personal information of the individual ask for permission because the web browser can notify the individual. There is no express reason that the entire World Wide Web should be allowed to access the full personal information of consumers without any notification. So I plead with my representatives, please please please, vote against this and fight this from getting to the House of Representatives. Corporations should not be able to have this much access to the personal web browsing activity of the average consumer and harass them with their agenda because they put them in a demographic. This is not okay when there's no attempt to ask permission or let the consumer decide what information they want to release to certain outlets. As a concerned citizen I implore you not to let this pass. Privacy is valuable to our freedom and this is a giant violation of our basic freedoms.


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