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The GOP Voted to Repeal Obamacare Dozens of Times. So What Went Wrong This Time?
by Causes
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  • John

    Allowing ACA to fail, causing ACA to fail because you're slowly chipping away at the regulations which hold it together for political gain is despicable—it's disgusting and it's disgraceful. The top elected officials of the GOP have openly admitted to playing political games with peoples' lives. How dare they? And how dare you if you stand with them in their intentions. To deliberately cause and hope for the failure of a system which is in service of public health and well-being is cruel and amoral. Your leadership's capriciousness towards the American people may well cost lives—that in my opinion is tantamount to murder. Such a statement may seem hyperbolic, but consider it the next time any one of your party claims to care for your constituents or the American people.

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