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Three Questions About Russia and the US Presidential Election
by Causes
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  • Lisa

    This election was impacted in a big way by Russia but also by the media trying to keep the race close by perpetuating false equivalencies like Clinton's email server was just as bad as Trump's daily scandals. The media believed she was going to win in a land slide and wanted a close race to keep people watching, something Rachel Maddow subtly eluded to the night of the election. The biggest impact was Trump's lack of shame and his sociopathic indifference to the people who supported him. He lied and manipulated our fellow Americans who were desperate and crying for help, they were ripe for the picking because we left them hanging out there, low hanging fruit for Donald Trump. Many people are angry at Trump voters, they are called racists and bigots or ridiculed as being stupid and gullible, and I have to admit, this was also my first reaction right after the election. I realize now this was my gut reaction to the fear evoked by the knowledge that a man without the ability to care for anyone but himself. While there is a portion of Trump voters that are definitely racist, bigoted, and full of hate, at least half of Trump voters gambled on a man who made them promises that he would fix their lives, they were at the end of their ropes and I don't blame them for rolling the dice. I did not need the mountains of circumstantial evidence to conclude that Trump and his team were working with Russia. I could see it every time Trump refused to say a single bad word about Putin and in fact, praised Putin even though it made him look like he was Putin's lapdog. When you think about Trump's personality, his pride and sheer arrogance would have demanded he "prove" to everyone that he wasn't "Putin's puppet", especially after the debate when Hilary coined the phrase. His face turned bright red, he was immediately flustered and sounded like a 5 year old who had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, "no puppet, no puppet, you're the puppet!". There had to be a very strong incentive or deterrent, likely both, to keep Trump to keep him from spending as much time as he had to after that debate, condemning Putin and trying to convince everyone that he was the big strong man in charge. Knowing Trump is in Putin's pocket is horrifying and now that he confirmed he's a con man by putting out a Healthcare plan and a budget that will complete the decimation of the middle class, I am even more terrified for the future of our country. My hope is that his supporters, those who just took a chance on something new, will wake up and realize Trump never intended to do anything but help himself and his big business allies both in the US and Russia.


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