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House Committee to Debate Fate of Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
by Causes
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  • Eileen

    OMG!! I see it happening just as I feared... He's throwing out anyone who doesn't agree with him and anyone who won't do his bidding. That bidding would be: Make America Into Little Russia. That's what he's doing. Let me ask this one thing: Wasn't there something JUST like this that happened not even a century ago? Haven't we BEEN saying: "NEVER AGAIN!" I think so. His "playbook" was written for and by Russia. Soon, he and his supporters will be raising THIS flag: 🇷🇺! They'll have forgotten this one: 🇺🇸. All our forefathers have done will not be taught any more. Look, he's dismantling Gov't branches right this moment! Take a look at the bills, which have been introduced into the House. Do away with the Dep't of Education. (seriously?? Who will keep an eye on the schools of our country?! This is because they called out Trump University and it's robbing ppl!) Toss out EPA! Why? Because Rex Tillerson may be indebted to Big Oil. The EPA is doing research on Climate Change. U heard him during the campaign, didn't u? He doesn't believe climate change is happening. DUZ he think that dismantling the EPA will stop scientists from studying it?! U hafta look at things and ask urself why these bills are being put up to be passed.

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