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Democrats Find New Leverage In Push for Special Prosecutor
by Causes
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  • John

    Senators Cruz and Cornyn, as members of the Senate Judiciary committee, you have the rare opportunity to spark the beginning of the process to rebuild trust in the law enforcement organizations in this country—particularly those at the Federal level. I urge you both to push for the appointment of a special prosecutor in the matter of Donald Trump's campaign for President and its communications and other ties to the government of the Russian Federation and especially to their President Vladimir Putin. Regardless of the outcome, the American people deserve to know the truth. If the truth lead to criminal prosecution, so be it so that our country can heal and be one again assured of our security. If the truth lead to exoneration, so be it so that we can move passed this issue and take on other urgent matters. To leave this issue unresolved will create a dark cloud under which this administration will always be shadowed. Do the right thing for your country and its people.

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