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What Mattered at the Oscars? (Hint: Not EnvelopeGate)
by Causes
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  • Catherine

    First off, folks, dismissing the opinions of others, including those who've achieved success, is hypocritical. We all have voices. We are all using Countable to make our voices heard. We don't have the platform these celebrities have achieved. I commend them for taking their message, which echoes many of our own, and broadcasting it when they have the spotlight. Each of these speakers respectfully expressed opposition to inflammatory and hateful policies of this "administration". Furthermore, Countable assembled them into a decent little summary. Yes. This is relevant. Why? Because this is our rhetoric. Enough of "us versus them". We need to work together, rich and poor, blue collar and trust fund, black and white and all the colors in between. Stop trying to force people into little boxes and start listening.

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