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Stephen Bannon: Trump’s Top Staffer
by Causes
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  • GirlTripped

    Get Bannon, Gorkas, Miller and Theil OUT!!!!!!! These individuals have no allegiance to the United States of America. The more I read and research what these individuals are doing, what their personal viewpoints are I don't want them in Washington ANYWHERE!!!!!! All 5 of these people don't represent democracy at all. None of them represent constituents wishes or needs. For example, are you not aware of Peter Theil's multitude of his 'friends' placements within our government?!?!? His laundry list is long and extremely unsettling to say the least. Jim O'Neill is a strong candidate for several key positions, one of which is the FDA. What is so glaring of this potential choice is 1: he has no medical background. 2: he supports reforming FDA approval rules so that drugs could hit the market after they've been proven safe, BUT without any proof that the drugs worked. Another words, no clinical trials. To which O'Neill likes to call "progressive approval". The FDA has some of the broadest regulatory authority. Let's recount the ways here; food, drugs, medical devices,dietary supplements, cosmetics and tobacco. Another words these areas touch what we Americans consume. Isn't any of this raising red flags to you? It certainly should. That is why I request the ousting of these 5 individuals. They will cause more harm to ALL of us if they are allowed to stay and continue on their destructive paths.


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