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Federal Marijuana Ban: White House Signals Stronger Enforcement
by Causes
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  • Dan

    Just wanted to share some thoughts on this, from your average local Millenial. I lost my best friend this year from the Heroin. We were best friends since kindergarten, and he grew up with an amazing family.Before Heroin, he had access at the age of 17 to Oxy-Cotin. Before that, he never even smoked marijuana and I would argue that alchohol was his biggest gateway into opioid's. Marijuana was one of the only medicines that helped him after getting hooked. Acting like marijuana is the problem and not alchohol is old school thinking and a poor argument. If we are going to keep alchohol legal and regulated, then marijuana should be treated the same. I watched what alchohol has done to my generation (who grew up in Glastonbury, CT, a very nice town) It mentally fried a large amount of people and permanently made many of them alchoholics to this day.

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