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Federal Marijuana Ban: White House Signals Stronger Enforcement
by Causes
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  • Sarah

    This is totally silly. Do we have nothing better to waste jail cells and police dollars on than in enforcing federal laws against a drug that directly contradict states laws (states rights) and that every human being has likely tried and is guilty of. Literally potheads might be idiots but they are also completely harmless ones. Pot is also demonstrably less dangerous than legal prescriptions from pharmaceutical companies that lead to addiction and alcohol. It seems clear to me that this is designed to punish poor people and minorities, and benefit those people that we want to stop voting or having a chance at getting federal loans to further their education. It takes space in jails from racists and gives them to people who probably just want a snickers bar. If you are racist and want class war with the poor you should vote yes, otherwise stop this.


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