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Draft Bill to Repeal and Replace Obamacare Leaked
by Causes
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  • Christina

    This is a terrible plan. People who use the ACA don't have the funds to buy insurance in the first place so they can't be "reimbursed" for something they can't buy to begin with. Why don't we look at all the fat in the medical and insurance business? Many of those at the top make obscene profits off of people who really need the care and can't afford it. You pay a couple of hundred dollars to see a doctor for less than five minutes. It would seem the hypocratic oath only goes as far as a patient's wallet. Pres Obama did a wonderful thing for people with the ACA. Help for people who need it, making insurance companies help people instead of turning them away for being sick or high risk. We should be holding the medical industry accountable and responsible not picking out ways to make fat cats fatter.

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