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House Committee Holds Hearing on Reforming America’s ‘Grossly Inefficient’ Organ Transplant System
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    Matt Wadsworth, president and CEO of an OPO called Life Connection of Ohio, testified about the nature of the problems in the industry: “As an industry, OPOs are grossly inefficient. For scale, peer-reviewed research finds that as many as 28,000 organs go untransplanted every year, with much of the problem owing to wildly variable OPO performance and severe, persistent failure at many OPOs which has gone completely unaddressed by regulatory bodies… As geographic monopolies, OPOs are not subject to any competitive pressures to provide high service, and as the only major program in all of healthcare 100% reimbursed for costs, we do not face financial pressures to allocate resources intelligently. OPOs are given blank checks and participation trophies as patients are given death sentences. It is truly hard to find a more important system with less accountability.”

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