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Here’s Every State Where Cannabis Is Legal – Time To Legalize at the Federal Level?
by Causes
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  • Robert
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    How many years does it take politicians to hear the people they are supposed to represent? Do they even know how to correct an illegal law? Corruption among self-serving corporations and a government person caused Marijuana prohibition over 80 years ago. Yet, there are ignorant people still spewing the lies about it being a gateway drug, it can be lethally abused if smoked, it is a safety and health concern, there are no good uses for marijuana, causes brain damage, and other goofy crap people say that have zero experience. And our “representatives” do nothing but support the black market, cause innocent people to be killed in erroneous raids, destroy careers because some cop needed to hurt someone, kill the markets that could use marijuana for fuel, food, medicine, strong lightweight structures, clothing, and more viable uses without pesticides and fertilizers. Justice will never be served as long as people keep voting for self-serving, intolerant, inexperienced, dishonest, gossiping, misguided Republicans. Hasn’t the last few Republican presidents and Republican congresses proved this is true! Americans should be smarter and more tolerate about the freedoms we have.

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