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Democrats Introduce Bill to Expand the Supreme Court by Four Justices, Tip Balance In Favor of Liberals
by Causes
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    Packing the court is something Democrats have done throughout the history of our republic. John Adams, in 1801, a member of the Federalist party (today's democratic party), shrank the size of the supreme court from 6 to 5 to limit Thomas Jefferson’s appointments. (Jefferson was a affiliated with Democratic-Republican party—this party (Democratic Republican party) dissolved into the democratic party of today. Shortly after being elected, Jefferson restored the 6th seat and in 1807 added a 7th seat when Congress created a seventh circuit court Andrew Jackson, a democrat, expanded the court from 7 to 9 during the Civil War to ensure Abraham Lincoln (Republican who worked to free the country from slavery) wouldn’t interfere with the Union (Democrats of the South) wouldn’t interfere with the Unions war tactics, they (democrats) wanted to keep slavery. In 1863, when the 10th Circuit Act became law, a 10th justice was added to the court. Congress shrank the court from 10 to 7 to deny President Jackson the ability to nominate justices who might oppose congressional reconstruction plans. The Court fluctuated from 9 to 10 to 8 members over a six year period, the size of the court was restored to 9 members through the Circuit Judges Act of 1869 under President Ulysses Grant. Franklin Roosevelt (Democrat) wanted to pack the Court to 15 seats in 1937 in order to obtain favorable rulings regarding the New Deal legislation that the Court had ruled unconstitutional. Democrats are historically notorious for stacking the court to get their own way(s). For those of you that think Trump stacked the court you're ridiculous. Just because several jurists either retired or died while Trump was in office and the President appointed jurists to take their place is NOT stacking the court. It's the right of the sitting president to appoint jurists to fill those vacancies. Saying Trump stacked the court is just plain uninformed and frankly not very intelligent.

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