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Democrats Introduce Bill to Expand the Supreme Court by Four Justices, Tip Balance In Favor of Liberals
by Causes
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  • Michael
    Voted Oppose

    I'm dead against this. Johnathan Turley is an American attorney, a legal scholar and a Professor at George Washington University Law School. He is also not a conservative but he tells the truth and lets facts guide his opinions and comments. Mr. Turley stated the other day that this is simply an open attempt by the Democrats to "pack the court" with liberal justices in their favor so they can never lose again. There is a sickness and a perversion in the Democrat Party now and it is not good for our country. 2022 cannot get here soon enough. Democrats can see the polls and understand the majority of Americans are against them and their insane policies which is why they are attempting to ram through traitorous legislation. I pray the Republican House and Senate leaders and members find the courage to vehemently stand up for what is right and fight for us. They must speak out and not be afraid of the media, big tech or corporations. Now is (past) the time to speak up.

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