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Will Smith Pulls Movie from Georgia over Voting Restrictions
by Causes
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    Voted Oppose

    Each state has its own laws. I'm sick and tired of the left and Hollywood filmmakers and actors thinking they know more than anyone else and their continued manipulation on the minds of the public. These people are responsible for much of the sexual predator attitudes in this Republic and elsewhere by what their films and many of those [supposedly] elite actors behaviors portray. Our society is greatly influenced by films and has been brainwashed by what Hollywood has [and continues] to implement/promote. Now these people (who think they're so important because of the hype of the media which leads to adulation of the public--which confuses me because actors and people in that industry are simply entertainers, portraying other people, they're not even portraying themselves!) are actively involved in politics and trying to change our beautiful Republic into a socialist/marxist country; and, the sad truth is that through media efforts the public are brainwashed into thinking/believing these people (in show business) are more intelligent than everyone else. We, society, needs to start realizing we are just as important, just as creative, just as smart as anyone in Hollywood.

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