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Georgia Republicans Pass Sweeping Voting Restrictions - Should More States?
by Causes
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  • Michael
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    First off, the question is represented incorrectly (perhaps on purpose to distract or fool people). The proper question is, "Do you want greater assurances that citizens who are eligible to vote are in place to protect the integrity of our elections?" There are so many lies about what happened during the Nov '20 elections and I believe that there was rampant fraud committed but I won't go into that. All honest citizens should demand voting integrity laws to assure fair election processes. It is the right and duty of each state to set those assurances in place and not the federal government. This is still a Republic as far as I know and "We The People" want fair elections and guarantees in place to ensure only legal citizens are voting and neither party is committing fraud. Elections in the past have had fairly smooth and orderly processes - right up until President Trump was elected and ran for his second term. We must get the next election "right" or be in greater peril for losing our Republic.

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