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What Is Happening With Migrant Children at the Southern Border?
by Causes
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  • Michael
    Voted Oppose

    Simply put, anyone who is for this policy is against America. We are back to the insane, corrupt and damaging policies of the Obama Administration. Biden, and those corrupt people who are really in control, are directly responsible for allowing illegal aliens who are covid-positive to enter our country to destinations unknown. This is aiding and abetting sex traffickers, gangbangers and drug smuggling cartels to operate with greater freedom and make a mockery of our border and our right to a sovereign nation. We are making promises to illegal aliens and their children while depriving our own children of an education. Newt Gingrich aptly described this situation as "insane". Biden and others in his administration are also directly looking into the camera and lying, telling us that what we are seeing with our own eyes is not real. This is a nightmare in every real sense of the word for America and Americans who love this country. A significant percentage of Americans are against this type of policy and handout of our money, resources and citizenship. Any politician who votes for this is against America and should not be allowed to hold office.

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