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Should the $1 Trillion in Unspent COVID Funding Be Disbursed Before the $1.9 Trillion Bill is Enacted?
by Causes
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  • Robert
    Voted No

    The government budget, finance, and procurement systems have legal rules that must be followed to avoid corruption, waste, and taxpayer ripoff. Regular citizens and even government employees have to follow the rules or face prison. Applying for and actually getting government money is a confusing and cumbersome chore and strings are usually attached. And there are time limits and wait times associated with government money. And the money has to be used for what it was approved for or be reallocated by Congress. The money not spent yet can be because it was not intended to be spent yet, people in need didn’t apply because of the hassle and strings, it was poor budgeting, or the money wasn’t approved for certain things. When people see corruption and it’s done by presidents and vice-presidents basically giving money and government contracts to friends and family quickly, they think the whole government can operate that way. It can’t. The violations at the top are let go. And when people see corruption by big business quickly getting money from the government not intended for them because the corporations helped create the legal confusion, they think the whole populace could operate that way. It can’t. The violations by big business are let go. Once you know the difference among government, business, and personal rules, operations, and money, you can better understand why things happen. To me, the big argument here is whether to budget for future growth or budget for reacting to failure. Democrats want to budget for progress and include everything needed because the system is such a hassle. Republicans want to budget for current and past events with minimal money. It’s why some bridges collapse and kill people while others are maintained. Test, inspection, and repair money to save lives is hard to get so Democrats struggle for the people. When accidents happen and people die, accident recovery money is easy to get so Republicans can save money not testing or repairing and they can get big money fast when people die in the accident. The loss of life also saves the Republicans Social Security money and the hassle of justifying budgets to fix something before the accidents happen. Easy to say no.

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