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Should the $1 Trillion in Unspent COVID Funding Be Disbursed Before the $1.9 Trillion Bill is Enacted?
by Causes
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  • Keitha
    Voted Yes

    Send the money. All you millionaires in Congress. You don't have a fricking clue what real life is, do you? You with your free health care, your easy, guaranteed lifetime income. You don't have a clue. Send the money. And while you're at it, stop all the voter suppression activities. We'd like a real chance to send people to Congress who know what it's like to EARN an income, WORK hard for their family and community, CARE for others, SHARE the wealth, TAKE TURNS, and truly work for and build and INCLUSIVE, EQUITABLE community for ALL Americans and those who work, learn, and visit here. Get off your butts and send the fricking money!


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