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IT: đź©ą Senate passes $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill, and... Should Gov. Cuomo resign?
by Causes
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  • Robert

    I don’t see a significant amount of pork compared to the direct and indirect needs of the people being addressed over time. If porking is the only way to get Congress to work, and they have been porking and petting as a normal way to do business for decades now, then pork and pet away! It’s better than Republicans sitting on their thumbs saying no to anything that helps people while porking the life out of us for their corporate bailouts, agricultural bailouts from bad trade wars, Wall Street bailouts, bridges to nowhere, the Department of Defense and all the other Republican porking that kills our economy and humanitarian progress. To me, the real problem is that money is driving policy, laws, and elections. Citizens United has to go. It’s allowing enormous anonymous donations from foreign and domestic entities to control our elected officials. While Democrats pork for the people, the Republicans pork for their high paying donors. Power of the people and government with integrity and honesty working for the people makes our democracy work. Self-serving, dishonest, big dirty money donation taking, Republican only way or the highway caste system has shown to only hurt us as demonstrated by the pandemic spread, recessions and depressions, “loved” hate groups and racism, and our Capital attack. There are better techniques for decision making and conflict management than porking, petting, blackmailing, bullying, obstruction, or earmarking. A little risk management might help.

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