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Sexual Harassment Claims Against Gov. Cuomo: How Should They Be Investigated?
by Causes
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  • Robert
    Voted No

    I guess he needed to grab their pussies, drink a lot of beer, and deny any wrong doing in order to be innocent...or become Republican. An investigation that is really needed is of the Senators that acquitted Trump because they “felt” the trial they were having was illegal. If the trial was illegal, then they are participating in an illegal event. If the trial was legal, as already decided based on precedence and intent of law, then the Senators used false rationale for acquittal. It is too bad they did not learn about the Secretary of War William Belknap impeachment after he was out of office. The trial was legal and the acquittal based on “illegal trial” rationale is negligence and ignorance of the law. An analogy is if you think robbing a bank is illegal, you don’t drive the get-away car. The Senators should not have participated but they drove the get-away free card.

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