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Voting Rights, College Athletes’ Ability to Earn Money, & More on the Supreme Court’s March Docket
by Causes
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  • Judy

    We all have to vow to help our fellow citizens to be able to vote. So no matter how difficult the Supreme Court may make it for "some people" to vote, we must step and equally help them overcome those difficulties. Everyone should be treated with dignity and respect and if only the privileged ones can vote, then very few people will be treated right going forward. I mean if anyone is allowed to curb our rights to vote without a good reason, then we have lost our fundamental rights in this country and it will not stop there. Let's say no to oppression of the votes! We are all in this together and it will be good for us to help our fellow Americans now because we might need them to help us later! BTW: I think President Biden is bringing back the hope and sunshine in our country! I have already gotten my first COVID-19 vaccine and am waiting on the other one.... and I am looking forward to stopping wearing a mask whenever the "people who know best" give us the green light to go faceless! SO, WAY TO GO, Joe!

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