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Sexual Harassment Claims Against Gov. Cuomo: How Should They Be Investigated?
by Causes
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  • Judy

    When supervisors investigate sexual harassment claims, the men always say "no, they did not do that". Then, the girl is in trouble for speaking up. That's the end of the investigation. Hm....even if other women jump in and say they saw the man, his denial still stands. And usually he gets promoted. I have even had men report me to HR because they asked me out and I politely turned them down. They said they went to HR and reported it because they were afraid I would report them for sexual harassment. Actually, I have heard of three cases of sexual harassment that were justly handled. Oddly enough, three men won those cases. I've never heard of a woman winning any. They just get black listed as trouble makers and their lives get ruined ... all because of people at work who cannot keep their minds on their work. Of course, I've only seen that in the city where I spent most of my career .... a corporate America city. So, women really do need to be taught how to be constantly on the look out for perverts in the work force and how to get the proof they need to protect themselves. As for Cuomo, if he sexually harassed all the women who said he did, then I feel sorry for them. However, they are just like other women -- they need to be able to prove it somehow. And taking something like this public before it is ever filed in court, well, I think that it could just be some sick political game to destroy him.

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