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Trump: ‘We Went From America First to America Last’
by Causes
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  • Michael
    Voted Excited

    Former (but the real winner) President Trump's speech was wonderful - a "breath of fresh air", patriotism, courage and common sense. We must return to faith, family and country and with real conservative leaders, the Republican Party can get the job done. The Republican Party has become the party of working men and women - but really everyone and anyone who loves freedom and our fellow citizens. The Democrat's policies and priorities are bad for our country and for the world and are pretty much nuts. I pray for our Republican leaders to stand up against the left's looney policies, the Main Stream Media and Big Tech and fight like hell for Americans. The Biden Administration is recommending horrible nominees for cabinet posts - they must be rejected by all Republicans. We must weed out the RINOs in our party and consolidate and strengthen our members in this fight for freedom, American culture and belief in our great Bill of Rights, Constitution and history.

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