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Supreme Court Denies Trump’s Bid To Conceal Taxes - Do You Support the Decision?
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  • James
    Voted Support

    Amazing Mr Trump is attempting to make this ruling political! This is not political but he claims this is a witch hunt, I ask what are you trying to hide? He’s under the mistaken belief he’s above the law and taxes. The investigation into his financial history was brought on by his own questionable business practices! Nothing more nothing less. I ask how is it that every president in modern history has provided full disclosure of their taxes except Mr. Trump, he’s always had a excuse like he’s being audited, that’s ridiculous because if it takes that long to audit someone’s taxes the IRS would be out of business. If anyone’s be following mr Trump it’s very evident that his base is disappearing and his lies are catching up to to him, the Republicans have hung their hats on him and soon they’ll be sorry for their blind devotion much like those now sitting in jails across the country. Some of us could tell long before he was even nominated, who and what Mr. Trump is and his blustery facade. One thing is clear, very clear he will go down in history as the unequivocally the worst president ever elected in the US.

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