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COVID-19 Variants: What We Know
by Causes
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  • Todd
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    This is not over with yet. If Trump had not botched the response and this nation had been united as one rather than as a hodgepodge of states with different responses, we would not be in such trouble. During such a crisis a coordinated serious response is vital. The variants have gotten a foot in the door because Trump dismissed it as a hoax and allowed it to evolve and thrive in our population. OVER 500,000 deaths, 40% of which could have been avoided with a proper coordinated response led by a president who had the proper empathy and concern. What a dark legacy Trump leaves us with. DO NOT FORGET. 675,000 US deaths from the 1918 pandemic from 1918 to 1920. With better medical tech, advancements and understanding our nation has seen almost as many deaths within just one year!!!!!

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