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A Brief History of Presidents' Day (...and President's Day/Washington's Birthday/Daisy Bates Day)
by Causes
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  • Robert
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    We cannot celebrate because of the last Republican president that killed that idea unless you’re a white hate group Trump supporter that celebrates with destruction, death, property damage and Trump costumes. Republicans are now punishing Republicans that have an open mind, able to listen to facts instead of playing with toys and smirking, courageous enough to vote their conscience and law, and understands the humanity, needs, and values of American citizens. It’s because the majority of Republicans in power now are only loyal to themselves, their party, and their need to destroy America by making it a one-party Republican dictatorship. After letting the ex-president that used misinformation and set bad examples about the corona virus to kill a half million Americans and encouraged his hate groups to attack our Capital, they want to impeach Kamala because she verbally supported a fund to help the victims of the Black Lives Matter protests that were injured when the Republican hate groups and Mr Trump’s black suits attacked the protesters. Republican politicians now refuse to do meaningful work for American citizens and they just want to make people suffer. The party needs to be replaced with one willing to do more than say no, my way or the highway, forget the citizens, ignore the law, solicit money over health, and make up non-sensible reasons for their actions. American politics is really a bad sham now and it’s not because of Democrats or Independents. It is only because of the cowardly bad Republicans that cannot tell the truth sticking together with no legitimate platform.

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